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Gemini for Google Workspace is here. Transform education with the help of Google’s most advanced AI widely available today.
Gemini for Google Workspace is here.

Google Workspace for Education Plus

Your education technology solution

Eliminate the need to invest in other education technology with Education Plus, our most comprehensive solution, providing advanced security and insights and easy-to-use tools that enrich and personalize learning.

Consolidate your EdTech with a single solution

Reduce costs, improve security, and save time with a single, comprehensive solution.

Education Plus reduces the need to invest in other EdTech

Experience an average $410k savings and 191% return on investment by eliminating the need for legacy security, collaboration, plagiarism detection, adaptive learning and storage tools. Reduce costs on professional development with tools that are intuitive and easy to use.*

Experience an average 95% reduction in phishing incidents, 98% reduction in IT labor to resolve phishing incidents, and $168,000 in savings through retiring legacy security tools by switching to Education Plus.*

Save an average of 300 hours annually by streamlining administrative tasks and avoid losing valuable teaching time switching between tools with different logins; access tightly integrated tools in one place with a single sign-on.*

*In 2022, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to discover the total economic impact™ educational institutions could realize by switching to Google Workspace for Education Plus.

Strengthen security and insights with proactive tools

Protect your education community with one of the world’s most secure cloud-based productivity suites, providing automatic protections, centralized visibility and controls, and powerful analytics.

Premium features provide a proactive approach to security

Prevent, detect, and remediate security incidents across Gmail, Drive, devices, and more in the security center.

Stop ransomware attacks before they start by automatically scanning email attachments in a virtual security sandbox before they are opened.

Gain instant visibility in a unified security dashboard, with details like flagged malware and spam, data loss prevention rule violations, compromised devices, external file sharing, and more.

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Identify, triage, and take action on security and privacy threats with the security investigation tool.

Safeguard access and create context-aware policies for who can access apps based on attributes like user identity, location, IP address, and more.

Control how files can be shared, and classify files based on content-sensitivity levels with Drive labels, trust rules, and target audiences.

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Better understand your potential security risks, return on investment, and opportunities for professional development by exporting log event data with BigQuery and creating data visualizations in Looker Studio.

All Editions

Google provides industry-leading privacy and security

100 MM

phishing attempts are blocked by Gmail, every day


of spam, phishing attempts, and malware are blocked with AI-protections in Gmail


unsafe websites are identified by Google, every week

You own your data

You retain full intellectual property rights over your data and control who can download it and when.

Strict privacy protocols

Privacy is core to how we build our products, with rigorous privacy standards guiding every stage of product development.

No advertising

Core services, like Gmail, Calendar, and Classroom, have no ads.

Supports compliance with FERPA, COPPA, GDPR, and more

Our solution supports compliance with rigorous global privacy and security requirements.

Enrich and personalize teaching and learning

Empower educators to deliver impactful instruction with easy-to-use tools that enrich and personalize learning, simplify class management, and enable teaching and learning from anywhere.

Premium features take teaching and learning to the next level

Power student potential with practice sets — interactive assignments in Classroom that provide real-time feedback, prompts and hints with the help of AI.

Help students build literacy skills with Read Along, a speech-based tool that helps students independently build reading skills, while giving educators insight into their progress (coming soon).

Encourage original thinking and check for plagiarism with unlimited originality reports, which compare work against billions of web pages, over 40 million books, and your school-owned repository.

Make more informed decisions with Classroom Analytics by gaining visibility into class performance, student assignment completion, how grades are trending, and overall Classroom use.

Better support teachers and students by virtually visiting classes, and temporarily grant access for substitutes and support staff, without the need to be a Classroom co-teacher.

Get additional Drive storage: 20GB for each paid license on top of the 100 TB of pooled cloud storage shared by your institution.

Automate administrative processes with AppSheet Core, empowering you to build custom apps with no coding.

Provide easy-to-use, reliable, and secure video conferencing so you can offer more flexibility for classes, parent-teacher conferences, professional development, and more.

Deepen learning opportunities with breakout rooms, attendance tracking, interactive Q&As, polls, live-translated captions, automatic transcripts, recordings, and more.

Enable connections across your entire education community and include up to 1000 participants or live stream to as many as 100,000 viewers.


of university students prefer Google Workspace as their productivity suite of choice.
Source: Sada Systems, Inc. 23 August 2022


of Forbes’ Next Billion-Dollar Startups use Google Workspace.

Which edition is right for your institution?

Google Workspace for Education solutions offer choice and flexibility. Find the right fit for your education community.

  • Gmail

  • Calendar

  • Meet

  • Classroom

  • Docs

  • Sheets

  • Slides

  • Forms

  • Assignments

  • Admin

  • Drive

  • Groups

  • Sites

  • Tasks

1 Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals is available at no cost for qualifying institutions. Learn more.

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Gemini for Google Workspace

Gemini is an AI assistant across Google Workspace for Education that helps you save time, create captivating learning experiences, and inspire fresh ideas — all in a private and secure environment. Gemini Education can be purchased as an add-on to any Google Workspace for Education edition.

Resources to help you get started with Education Plus

Learn more about getting started with Google Workspace for Education with these additional training videos, guides, and resources.

Start today with Education Plus

Ready for an all-in-one solution that strengthens security and eliminates the need to invest in other EdTech? Upgrade to Education Plus today.

Find answers to commonly asked questions

What is the price of this edition, and what does it include?

For information on Google Workspace for Education pricing and features, please visit our comparison chart.

Are there different tiers of pricing for some users versus all users at my institution?

No. Since Education Plus is priced by enrollment (per student), your institution can bring Education Plus benefits to the entire education community. For every four student licenses bought, you’ll receive one staff license. The minimum purchase requirement is determined by school size, so you never purchase more than you need.

How do I purchase this edition?

Education Plus is available through these authorized Google Workspace for Education partners. To get in touch and learn more, please complete the form here. If you’re already working with a partner, you can reach out to them directly.

Are discounts available and/or are there incentives for longer term commitments?

Yes, Google offers automatic discounts for customers that contractually commit to a multi-year purchase (two years or more) of Google Workspace for Education Plus. To learn more, please connect with your Google Workspace for Education partner reseller and/or Google for Education representative.

When upgrading to a paid edition of Google Workspace for Education (Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and/or Standard), will I need to sign a new Workspace for Education Terms of Service agreement?

No, there is no need for a new Workspace for Education contract nor an addendum.

Can education institutions purchase Education Plus for some of their faculty/staff?

No, Education Plus and Education Standard are both licensed as full-domain editions. Education institutions can purchase licenses of either Education Plus or Education Standard according to the total student enrollment.

Are there staff and student licenses in the Education Plus edition?

Yes, schools purchasing Education Standard and Education Plus for all students will receive one staff license for every four student licenses purchased.

Are there differences between the staff and student licenses?

Yes, the only difference is staff licenses can livestream meetings to up to 100,000 participants. All other features and capabilities are the same between student and staff licenses.

How much storage does Education Plus offer?

Institutions with Education Plus have a shared pool of 100TB of storage, which they can manage and allocate as they see fit. Additionally, they receive 20 GB per license added to their shared pool, with no cap. Please visit our Help Center for more details.

Where can I learn more?

Visit our Help Center for more details on Education Plus.

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