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Two students in hijabs lean in to discuss a project in G Suite for Education. One is creating a presentation in Slides while the other is reviewing the details of the assignment in Classroom.
A Chromebook showing the top ten G Suite products: Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Keep, Forms, Jamboard, Sites, and Hangouts Meet.

Collaborate anytime and anywhere with a suite of tools for education

With G Suite for Education, educators can create opportunities for learning, streamline administrative tasks, and challenge their students to think critically—all without disrupting current workflows. G Suite for Education tools are powerful on their own, but work even better together.

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Tools to help educators get started

G Suite tools are cloud-based and scale easily across classrooms. Resources like trainings and tutorials in the Teacher Center make it easy to get up to speed.

Support and connect with every student

Work online or offline, anytime, and on any device with G Suite for Education. Use these tools to encourage collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, and work one-on-one or with the whole class.

The latest technology at a price schools can afford

G Suite for Education is a suite of free Google apps tailored specifically for schools. Deliver value with built-in, multi-layer security, and 24/7 support at no additional cost.

Make a difference in and out of the classroom

Educators can provide instant feedback and track a student’s progress to improve performance. With powerful tools like Classroom, instructors can manage curriculum, assignments, and grading all in one place.

“Google streamlines feedback and makes it easier to collaborate when editing a document. If another student is helping me revise a paper in Google Docs, I can see the edits he’s making as he goes. It results in a more productive learning system.”

Christian Rourk, Student, University of Michigan

Transform how your school works with our suite of free, secure tools

G Suite core services do not contain advertising nor do they use information in those services for advertising purposes. Plus, all G Suite for Education core services support COPPA and FERPA compliance.

An open Chromebook showing a Google Doc document with active comments and a mobile phone showing emails in Gmail.
  • Gmail logo


    Set up a school-wide or university-wide email system. Or use Gmail to exchange secure emails with your classes.

  • Google Drive logo


    Store and organize assignments, documents, or class curriculum securely and access them from any device.

  • Google Calendar logo


    Share calendars or create a joint calendar with members of your class or institution to easily keep track of schedules.

  • Google Docs logo Google Sheets logo Google Slides logo

    Docs, Sheets and Slides

    Collaborate, share feedback, and work together with your students in real time on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

  • Google Forms logo


    Create Forms, Quizzes, and surveys to collect and analyze responses with the help of machine learning.

  • Google Jamboard logo


    Sketch and collaborate on an interactive canvas with Jamboard—Google’s cloud-based smartboard, on your computer, phone, or tablet.

  • Google Sites logo


    An easy-to-use web builder to create sites, host course curriculum, build development skills, and unleash students’ creativity.

  • Google Hangouts Meet logo

    Hangouts Meet

    Connect with students virtually through secure video calls and messaging to keep learning going outside of school.

  • Google Groups logo


    Create and participate in class forums to foster communication and conversation.

  • Google Valut logo


    Add students, manage devices, and configure security and settings so your data stays safe.

  • Image displays a Samsung Tablet and a Android Phone. There are G Suite interfaces displayed on both devices.


    Create assignments, communicate with students, and send feedback all from one place.

A student in a university lecture hall is attentively listening to his teacher.
G Suite Enterprise for Education

The same suite of tools, plus premium tools and enhanced security controls

G Suite Enterprise for Education offers powerful collaboration and communication tools that help faculty, students, and administrators be more successful. Includes advanced controls, enhanced analytics and search, and enterprise-grade communication tools.

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See how G Suite for Education sparks learning in classrooms around the world

Educators and students across the globe are using G Suite in innovative and meaningful ways. Watch the videos or read our guide for inspiration on how to use Google tools in your classroom.

A student is using a stylus on a Tablet. Words on the screen say,

Make learning enriching for every student

G Suite for Education tools have built-in accessibility features to support students with diverse needs and learning styles. Students can engage with the tools using their voice, or a screen reader. The tools are also fully compatible with accessories like braille devices and displays. Students can even enable closed captioning when presenting in Slides. Learn about the accessibility features built into G Suite for Education.


Save time grading. Provide feedback that counts.

Quickly and securely create, analyze, and grade coursework, while helping students learn more effectively.

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A Chromebook showing Assignments being used in a learning management system to upload assignments from G Suite for Education.

Discover how G Suite transformed learning in schools

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