Google for Education facilitates learning at minimal operating costs for Faabourg-Midtfyn

Technically, the infrastructure works really well. And it is remarkable how much the students actually use the platform. That's positive, because it is only through the practical use that students get familiar with the technology.

Tonni Leicht Jørgensen, Head of Education in Faaborg-Midtfyn County.


FMC went looking for an infrastructure that did not swallow up teachers' time. Also, the IT-supervisors in the schools had to be more than just technical support. Of equal importance was that they helped teachers find new ways of using IT in subject lessons. In other words, it was important to have a reliable infrastructure, if teachers as well as IT-supervisors could be expected to have time for their core task: teaching.


To date, the county has purchased 3.000 Chromebooks for the 5.300 students in the schools of FMC. From the first to the sixth grade, every student has his or her own device. “Chromebooks and Google Apps make it easier to be productive. The students have quickly adapted to collaboration on Google Apps. They think it is a lot of fun. They listen to each other and use the input from each other. And they learn more because they constantly use the knowledge that teachers convey, and at the same time are allowed to succeed and fail in a safe environment. Other students seem more motivated and like they are more active members of the small student working communities. The platform gives them an opportunity to work with some of their own special skill sets, like finding pictures online - which actually is a real skill”, says Rasmus Kirsch Bork, IT Leader.