Rebild Kommun uses IT to assist teaching and learning practices

This works - surprisingly well on all parameters. It's real and not just another load of hot air

Søren Juulsgaard, Digital Learning Manager in Rebild Kommun.


“We faced three challenges. We had to get the technology to work. We had to make people use it, but more importantly: We had an educational task to solve. The technology was just a means to an end.” When we talk about cloud computing in a technical sense, a good wireless network is of paramount importance. In a school, many users will access the cloud at the same time. The network has to be able to handle that. A reliable wireless network had to be installed. That was a prerequisite.


Rebild Kommun decided to try Chromebooks, because they are easier than other units to administer and protect against technical difficulties. They boot up in a matter of seconds and are significantly faster than other devices in this regard. Being web-based, they are designed for cloud computing. It is very hard to tamper with the computer's local settings and cause a Chromebook to crash. On a Chromebook, all data is synchronized with Google's servers. If the device is broken, simply replace the Chromebook and log on, and all your data is recovered. “The advantages of Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education are that technical problems interfere a lot less than previously with the core task of teachers: learning and well-being among students”, Søren Juulsgaard says.