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Google Classroom is made for teaching

Your all-in-one place for teaching and learning, Google Classroom is our easy-to-use and secure tool that helps educators manage, measure, and enrich learning experiences.

Image of a teacher at the front of the classroom while two students work on a painting, a Chromebook sits next them.

Made to work together

Use the tools you know and love

The seamless integration of Google Workspace allows you to work in familiar apps like Docs and Slides, plus the YouTube integration lets you search videos right in Classroom.

Connect face-to-face from anywhere

Google Meet video conferencing is accessible directly through Classroom and allows you to easily connect with individuals or your entire class.

Add your favorite Edtech apps

Coming soon Classroom add-ons will allow you to integrate popular Edtech tools like Kahoot!, Nearpod, BookWidgets, and more. 1

Image of the YouTube integration feature of Google Classroom.
Image of a teacher instructing a student while pointing to something on a tablet.

Made to be easy

Grade efficiently

Rubrics displayed alongside classwork keep grading consistent — create, reuse, and even export them to share with other teachers.

Stay productive anytime, anywhere

Offline mode allows learning to continue without an internet connection, while image capture lets students submit paper homework digitally.

Quickly set up lessons

Coming soon In just a few clicks, you can provide each student with their own copy of coursework and schedule assignments across multiple classes.

Made to save time

Get up and running fast

One-click roster imports allow you to instantly transfer classes from your student information system (SIS) to Classroom. 1

Keep everyone on track

Automatically generated to-do lists for students and to-review lists for teachers to help keep coursework organized.

Schedule across multiple classes

Coming soon Easily prepare and schedule posts across multiple classes at the same time — edit due dates, publish dates, and topics.

Image of a student’s profile within Google Classroom displaying several grades for assignments.

“We chose Google Workspace for Education… and Google Classroom because they deliver the type of experience that our students need and deserve.”

Margaret Kuzmicz, Director of Technology at Carroll School

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  • 1 Available in paid editions of Google Classroom

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