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PBS LearningMedia offers free access to thousands of classroom-ready videos, lesson plans, and interactive games aligned to state and national standards.

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Public Broadcasting Service

Subject area

Art, Foreign Languages, History, Language Arts, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies



Age/Grade Range

K-5, 6-8, 9-12, Educators


AR, ZH-HANS, EN, FR, DE, HMN, IT, Navajo, PT, ES, BO

Features and integrations

Key features

  • Free access for every teacher across America.

  • Thousands of classroom-ready resources aligned to state and national standards.

  • All core subjects, PreK-12, with added emphasis on science and social studies.

  • Developed with teachers and subject matter experts.

  • Compatibility with common platforms like Google Classroom, Schoology Learning, Clever, and Remind.


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  • Google Workspace other APIs

  • Classroom API: Rostering



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