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Powerful Chromebooks made just for teachers

From interactive lessons to troubleshooting, stay on the same page as your students with high performance Chromebooks.

See how Wichita Falls teachers and students collaborate with Chromebooks

Chromebooks that fold-flat and have detachable screens, discover devices made to move around class with you.

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Recording and transcribing lessons for your students is a breeze with the built-in Screencast app.

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Save time managing your classes, students and assignments with Google Workspace for Education.

Explore Google Classroom, Docs, Slides and more
Teacher instructing one on one with student using two chromebooks

“Using the same operating system as my students is extremely helpful. It’s easier to model what students need to do and troubleshoot issues when on the same OS. ChromeOS isn’t just for students, it's for everyone!”

Jennifer, Technology Educator

Made for simplicity and security

With no reported ransomware attacks on any Chromebook, keep your school community safer online.

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The same centralized device management options you already use for students, optimized for high‑powered Chromebooks.

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IT Administrator holds a chromebook in one hand with the other on a stack of chromebooks on desk

“I supported my district in choosing Chromebooks when we moved to a district-wide 1:1 model because Chromebooks are highly reliable and easy to use for teachers. Plus they’re simple to manage remotely for IT.”

Sabrina, Teacher EdTech Specialist

Flex to whatever assignment with a high‑spec device

Beloved teacher apps

Beloved teacher apps

From Adobe Express to Pear Deck, keep using much loved apps

Power and speed

Power and speed

Fast, reliable Chromebooks designed for high performance

Easy to use

Easy to use

With products like Google Classroom, Docs, Sheets, Gmail and more baked in

Seamless security

Seamless security

Security updates happen in the background without interrupting your lesson

Share ideas up on the big screen with cast moderator

Enable students to share their work, while staying in control of who is casting

Teacher takes attendance on red chromebook with stylus Teacher takes attendance on red chromebook with stylus Teacher takes attendance on red chromebook with stylus

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Student types on chromebook while sitting on the floor Student types on chromebook while sitting on the floor Student types on chromebook while sitting on the floor

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