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Help every student learn how they learn best

With built-in accessibility features, Google for Education helps students and educators customize their learning tools and create inclusive learning environments so they can learn, teach, and collaborate with confidence.

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Display and Vision

Features that enable high-contrast, screen readers and dictation help people who are blind or low-vision access information and collaborate.

Google Workspace for Education Features

Chromebook features

Google’s voice dictation feature is being used to add the speaker notes of a Google Slides presentation

Motor and dexterity

People with motor disabilities and dexterity impairments can enter information using touch and voice settings.

Google Workspace for Education Features

Chromebook features

Real-time closed captions display at the bottom of the screen as a virtual class is in session on Google Meet.

Cognitive and spoken feedback

Tools that enable students to adjust sensory inputs and outputs, such as voice control, verbal feedback, and color shifts help people with learning and cognitive differences and disabilities access information

Google Workspace for Education Features

Chromebook features

Live captions display on the top right of the screen during a Google Slides presentation.

Audio and captions

For people who are Deaf or hard of hearing, or need help concentrating, manyGoogle Workspace and Chromebook features have options to automatically generate captions, or add human generated caption files to video.

Google Workspace for Education Features

Chromebook features

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Google Workspace for Education

Use built-in features to aid learning and comprehension


Access and personalize custom settings across devices

Success stories

Google’s Commitment

At Google, we’re committed to making the world’s information universally accessible for everyone. We believe in building products with and for the disability community, so that we can identify the ways that our technology can be truly helpful.

Help all students by minimizing learning barriers

Give every student the opportunity to learn with confidence, actively participate in class, and bring their ideas to the table.

Promote student agency and independent learning

Help all students achieve their learning goals by providing them with support that meets their unique needs.

Accelerate learning with intuitive and inclusive tools

Provide students and educators with accessibility tools and features that are easy to customize and use.

Accessibility is part of our DNA

Download this quick guide to our built-in, easy-to-manage accessibility tools that work seamlessly across Google Workspace for Education and Chromebooks to share the power of personalized learning experience and the difference it can make for teachers and students worldwide.

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