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Gemini for Google Workspace is here. Transform education with the help of Google’s most advanced AI widely available today.
Gemini for Google Workspace is here.


Tools to enhance

The Teaching and Learning Upgrade builds on the functionality of Education Fundamentals and helps educators enhance instructional impact with tools that enrich and personalize learning, create classroom efficiency, and enable teaching and learning from anywhere.

Enrich and personalize learning

Empower educators with tools that make learning more personal and provide insight into student understanding.

Premium features to enhance your educational impact

Use practice sets in Google Classroom to create interactive assignments, even from existing PDFs, that provide real-time feedback and individual guidance with prompts and hints with the help of AI.

Assign interactive questions for YouTube videos, giving students real-time feedback as they move through a lesson, while viewing insights into their performance, all within Classroom.

Compare current student work to billions of webpages, 40 million books and anything previously scanned to your private, school-owned repository.

Simplify class management

Create more time for teaching and learning with integrated, secure tools.

Premium features give you time back to focus on teaching

Create engaging assignments and grade and review work using your favorite Classroom add-ons – like Pear Deck, Kahoot!, Nearpod, and more – integrated right within Classroom.

Educators can customize grading periods (e.g., quarters, semesters, terms) and grading scales (e.g., letter, numeric) in their class settings to align to their school’s grading structure or system and more easily filter and analyze assignments.

Quickly identify missed citations and potential plagiarism, and guide students on how to integrate external inspiration into their writing, with unlimited originality reports.

Rely on 100 TB of pooled cloud storage for your institution, plus 100 GB of storage for each Teaching and Learning Upgrade license.

Teach and learn from anywhere

Help students connect and learn from anywhere with engaging tools that foster an inclusive learning environment.

Premium features to connect your education community

Encourage deeper comprehension with recordings, transcriptions, and attendance reports that automatically save to Drive.

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Make learning more accessible with live captions translated in real time, and engage students with interactive tools like breakout rooms, Q&A, and polls.

Meet with up to 250 participants in virtual meetings and 10,000 viewers in live streams.

View Slides speaker notes while presenting in Meet, and easily co-present with other educators.

Which edition is right for your institution?

Google Workspace for Education solutions offer choice and flexibility. Find the right fit for your education community.

  • Gmail

  • Calendar

  • Meet

  • Classroom

  • Docs

  • Sheets

  • Slides

  • Forms

  • Assignments

  • Admin

  • Drive

  • Groups

  • Sites

  • Tasks

1 Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals is available at no cost for qualifying institutions. Learn more.

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Gemini for Google Workspace

Gemini is an AI assistant across Google Workspace for Education that helps you save time, create captivating learning experiences, and inspire fresh ideas — all in a private and secure environment. Gemini Education can be purchased as an add-on to any Google Workspace for Education edition.

Resources to help you get started with the Teaching and Learning Upgrade

Learn more about getting started with Google Workspace for Education with these additional training videos, guides, and resources.

Start today with the Teaching and Learning Upgrade

Ready to elevate teaching and learning while making a bigger institutional impact?

Find answers to commonly asked questions

What is the price of this edition, and what does it include?

For information on Google Workspace for Education pricing and features, please visit our comparison chart.

Are there different tiers of pricing for some users versus all users at my institution?

No. With the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, you can choose how many licenses to buy. Flex your budget by consolidating the cost of additional enhanced tools onto a single platform, and only pay for the licenses you need.

Is there a seat minimum or maximum for the Teaching and Learning Upgrade?

No, schools can purchase any number of Teaching and Learning Upgrade licenses.

How do I purchase this edition?

The Teaching and Learning Upgrade is available through these authorized Google Workspace for Education partners. To get in touch and learn more, please complete the form here. If you’re already working with a partner, you can reach out to them directly.

How much storage does the Teaching and Learning Upgrade offer?

Institutions that buy the Teaching and Learning Upgrade receive an additional 100 GB per license added to their shared pool, with no cap. This is on top of any existing storage the institution may have from other Google Workspace for Education licenses. Please visit our Help Center for more details.

Where can I learn more?

Visit our Help Center for more details on the Teaching and Learning Upgrade.

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