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Quantify the impact of Education Plus for your organisation

Find out how much your organisation could save in minutes. Powered by results from a Forrester Consulting study, this calculator quickly quantifies the benefits of enhanced teaching and learning tools, and advanced security and analytics features, available with Google Workspace for Education Plus.

Spend 98% less time addressing phishing attacks*

Quickly prevent, detect and remediate security incidents with the investigation tool. Email filtering in Education Plus drives down IT labour so staff can focus on optimisation instead of obstacles.

Save 300 hours yearly on administrative tasks*

Education Plus helps administrators quickly complete tasks like e-record requests with the investigation tool and Vault.

Experience a 95% reduction in phishing incidents*

Security and email filtering in Education Plus reduces phishing attempts by 95%, allowing IT staff to focus less on mitigating threats and more on optimising security.

Streamline collaboration to save $368k on average*

With Education Plus, tools seamlessly work together to connect students and educators, enhancing learning experiences with premium features in Google Classroom, Meet and more.

*In 2022 we commissioned Forrester Consulting to discover the total economic impact™ educational institutions could realise by switching to Google Workspace for Education Plus. The data that they gathered informed the model for our calculator and uncovered key benefits of Education Plus.

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Results are for a composite institution based on interviewed customers from the Total Economic Impact™ of Google Workspace for Education Plus, April 2022. While the costs and benefits represented in this study are still relevant, new features and functionality may have been added and we encourage all users to connect with a Google representative for additional details.