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Carroll School helps students overcome learning disabilities with Google for Education

Margaret Kuzmicz, Director of Technology at Carroll School, wanted technology that inspired students to learn, not discouraged them.


Margaret Kuzmicz, Director of Technology at Carroll School, wanted technology that inspired, not discouraged, students to learn. Unfortunately, the Windows devices that the school had at the time were clunky, slow and difficult for students to use. Furthermore, their common technical issues made them hard for the IT team to maintain. 'Managing a Windows environment had many challenges, to the point where I needed to hire temps in order to get the devices ready each year,' says Kuzmicz. Since many students with language-based disabilities struggle with traditional reading and writing strategies, Carroll School wanted to provide intuitive technology that would help their students excel in the classroom. When thinking of a better solution for their students, the school management realised that touchscreen devices would be easier for all to use, especially for their youngest students.

'With Google Workspace, students are in continual and often live contact with their teacher and other students. This connection helps students become more productive because they are able to overcome obstacles that would’ve previously left them without support.'

Margaret Kuzmicz, Director of Technology, Carroll School


In 2014, Kuzmicz partnered with multiple departments within the school, including both the Administration and the Cognitive Intervention and Research teams, to find a solution that would best fit Carroll School’s unique needs. 'We chose Google Workspace for Education, touchscreen Chromebooks and Google Classroom because they deliver the type of experience that our students need and deserve,' says Kuzmicz. All students now use touchscreen Chromebooks in the classroom for their day-to-day work, as well as for testing. Chromebooks have been so popular that, this year, the faculty at Carroll School is piloting 40 devices of their own with a plan to eventually have all 100 teachers using Chromebooks in the classroom.