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Join the Google Education Leader Group (GELG)

The GELG is a global community program where instructionally-focused senior education leaders can share, collaborate, connect, and support one another.

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Created for education leaders

The GELG was created for instructionally-focused senior education leaders such as superintendents, chief academic officers, curriculum leaders, and other heads of school systems.

Built for community

The GELG enhances leaders’ impact on education through support, resources, and a welcoming community of peers.

Designed for global impact

The GELG allows leaders from all over the world to network, connect, and collaborate through an online community and live events at no cost.

Communication without barriers

Virtual communication tools leverage AI-powered real-time translation in 38 languages, allowing leaders to communicate seamlessly in their preferred language.

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The GELG empowers education leaders to overcome critical challenges

The GELG empowers leaders to go deeper with Google for Education's suite of integrated instructional tools, allowing them to streamline processes and drive success throughout their institutions.

Join the Google Education Leader Group (GELG)

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