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Where teaching and learning come together

Google Classroom helps educators create engaging learning experiences they can personalize, manage, and measure. Part of Google Workspace for Education, it empowers educators to enhance their impact and prepare students for the future.

Enrich and personalize learning

Drive student agency with tools that meet students where they are – and build skills for their future.

Premium features that inspire new ways of teaching and learning

Create interactive assignments, even from existing PDFs, that provide real-time feedback and individual guidance with prompts and hints with the help of AI.

Explore practice sets

Assign interactive questions for YouTube videos, giving students real-time feedback as they move through a lesson, while viewing insights into their performance.

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Easily find, add, use and grade content with add-ons from popular EdTech tools, right within Classroom.

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Make learning more personal and foster student agency

Amplify instruction with tools that simplify everyday tasks

Boost instructional time with tools purpose-built for teaching, productivity, and collaboration.

Premium features that elevate teaching

Help students integrate citations and avoid unintentional plagiarism with unlimited originality reports and a school-owned repository of past work.

Explore originality reports

Create a link to your class, then share it with peers in your organization, so they can easily preview, select, and import high-quality classwork into their classes.

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Classroom analytics provide educators with insights and visibility into how students turn in, perform on, and engage with assignments, so educators can make informed decisions about the best way to provide support.

Educators can customize grading periods (e.g., quarters, semesters, terms) and grading scales (e.g., letter, numeric) in their class settings to align to their school’s grading structure or system, reduce errors for SIS grade export and allow educators to more easily filter and analyze assignments.

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Tools designed for seamless teaching

Operate with solutions designed to gain visibility, insights, and control

Create learning environments that are easier to manage and support educators and students with connected, safer tools.

Premium features to support your organization and foster stronger learning outcomes

Gain visibility into everything from class performance to individual student assignment completion with Classroom analytics (coming soon), or export Classroom logs to BigQuery to analyze adoption, engagement, and more.

Easily share high-quality class templates so educators in your organization can preview and import classwork into their own classes.

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Designated education leaders and staff can temporarily access classes to support educators, manage substitute teachers, see information for guardian conversations, and more.

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A secure, reliable, and extensible platform for school communities of all sizes


Level up your Classroom with apps

Discover a world of apps that seamlessly integrate with Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education.

How Classroom can make a difference for you

Education Leaders

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Classroom can be learned in minutes and serves all types of learners and educators, regardless of their tech savviness. Empower educators, and encourage adoption and proficiency with new tools and techniques, with a broad range of resources.


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Teachers can immediately set up classes, easily create coursework, distribute it to the whole class, and grade it efficiently and transparently.

IT Administrators

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Admins have as much control as they need while they access and analyze their data for insights and choose from a range of upgrade options for additional capabilities to fit their specific needs.

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