Tools for every subject, class, and school

  • Simple

    Simple to adopt technology

    With G Suite and Classroom, homework is saved without pressing save, and teachers can share and mark lessons instantly. Quick Chromebook startup times mean classes are always ready to begin. By bringing technology to the classroom, schools can address the needs of teachers and students.

  • Affordable

    Affordable tools for schools

    Chromebooks offer a Total Cost of Ownership 61% lower* than competing devices. Google provides free teaching software, so educators can engage with pupils in new ways while keeping costs low. Every Chromebook is shareable, yet still individual, allowing learners to log on to any device and instantly pick up where they left off.

  • Time-saving

    Give teachers more time to teach

    G Suite for Education and Chromebooks are ready for class from day one. The devices and software are designed to be simple and quick. Since everything runs on the cloud, teachers can share and collect assignments in a snap, mark online, and communicate easily with parents and students.

  • Secure

    Keeping your school’s data secure

    Keeping your school’s data secure

    Google is fully committed to the security and privacy of data, and protecting every school from attempts to compromise them. Our systems, optimised for security and performance, are among the industry's most secure. Google is also committed to GDPR compliance across Google Cloud services.

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