The Dynamic Learning Project

The Dynamic Learning Project is part of our commitment to help underserved communities deliver on the promise of technology, both in the classroom and after school. As technology continues to play an important and inevitable role in education, we want to help make sure that more teachers and students can benefit from it.

Empowering Educators

While technology on its own won’t fix or improve education, it can be a powerful tool in the hands of educators who know how to use it. But educators today - especially those at low-income schools - do not always have access to the training they need to help them learn how to use that technology in effective and meaningful ways. 1

To start, is providing a grant to Digital Promise to sponsor dedicated coaches at underserved schools. We hope this pilot program will help inform the conversation about what schools need in order to successfully integrate technology in the classroom.

Embedded coaching

Full-time coaches at each school will provide personalized support to help educators in their community use technology in new and transformative ways.

Sustained innovation

The coach and their principal will work together to ensure this knowledge extends to their entire school as well as their broader community.

Tech agnostic

This pilot does not require any specific technology or tools, but instead aims to help educators get more out of whatever is available to them.

Starting with 50 middle schools across the US *

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