Lesson 6.3: Summary

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  1. Conclusion
  2. Thank you

We have gone through a whole set of classes intended to help you to understand how to become an even better Google searcher.

We've talked about the fact that sometimes your searches are very straightforward. You submit a simple query and get a single answer, and you’re done. Sometimes it works that way. You go directly from your concept to a query and the result.

Now that you know the whole space of possible queries you can build, you can sometimes get there very, very quickly.

But sometimes it takes a little bit longer, and it’s a little bit more of a piece of detective work. If you want to verify a quotation, for example, you may have to dig into the past to find out where that came from, who said it originally. You may need to do some footwork to actually figure this out.

We've given you a set of tools in this class, and what I'd like you to do is to start using them. Start using all the facilities that Google has.

And one piece of advice I'll give to you is that we're constantly building new tools for you to use. One way to stay on top of what's possible and be aware of the kinds of things that are coming up online, is to subscribe to a news source like the official Google blog. If you do that, you can—with a once a day email—see what's new: what new capabilities Street View has; or, what new capabilities Google Earth will provide to enrich the kinds of things you're able to do.

Take the final exam in the spirit in which it's intended:

  1. To consolidate what you've learned here and to make it easier for you to use.
  2. To go more rapidly from idea—from wild and crazy thought—to a deep and rich understanding of what's available and what's possible to do in the world.

Thanks for attending!

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