Lesson 1.1: Instructions for taking this course

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The videos for this class are presented by Dr. Dan Russell, a research scientist at Google. The text versions contain parallel information, with illustrations, in case you prefer learning through the written word.

Dan’s research demonstrates that while Google is really easy to start using, many people do not use it to its full advantage. Through this course, we hope to help you become even faster at finding what you need.

The course is composed of six classes:

  1. How Google works
  2. Extending what you know
  3. Advanced techniques
  4. Finding facts faster
  5. Checking your facts
  6. Putting it all together

Each class consists of five lessons. Within each lesson there is a short video followed by a hands-on activity that lets you try the techniques discussed. The activities are not required or graded, but we recommend that you use them as an opportunity to apply what you see in the video. Be sure to also read the additional Search Tips at the top of each activity page.

The course includes two assessments, which are required if you want to earn the certificate of completion. There is a mid-term after Class Three, worth ⅓ of your final score, and another assessment after Class Six, worth ⅔ of your final score. You must earn a 70% overall score to pass. Because the goal is for you to be able to find what you need even more efficiently and effectively, you can take the two assessments as many times as you want. Only your most recent score counts. The assessments are the only elements that count towards earning the certificate--the activities after each video are for your practice purposes only.

Please note, however, that the assessments must be completed by the date and time noted in your welcome e-mail in order to earn the certificate.

As you go through the class, we highly recommend that you make use of the class forum, where you can ask questions and learn with your classmates by sharing how you apply what you learn and reading how they have used these new tools, as well.

Each lesson also has a text version, like this one, in case you prefer to read the materials rather than view the videos.

All the search features included in this class are avaialble to you. If you find that you cannot use a feature on your local Google Search page you can always go to Google.com to try it out. To learn how to use Google.com from outside the United States you can watch this video.

As you go through the class, you will hear about a variety of ways to use Google to find information. As you move among Google products, you will frequently have the opportunity to search, and the techniques and ideas that you learn in this course often apply to them as well.

Please check out the activity and then continue to Lesson 1.2 to get started.

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