Celebrating CSEdWeek

December 4-10 is Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek)—an annual event to get students excited about CS by trying an Hour of Code, no experience needed. Google is a proud partner as part of our ongoing commitment to broaden CS opportunities for millions of students all year long.

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What students are coding

Tymere's animated Google logo

Tymere, age 11

Pittsburgh, PA

I'll use coding in my future career as a construction worker. When I see things that are not right, I can construct them on my computer and then people can help fix the places up. When they are fixed, people can finally come and visit.

Elijah's animated Google logo

Elijah, age 10

Fayetteville, NC

I want to be a surgeon, so computer science might help me fix an organ in the O.R. if it malfunctions. Surgical procedures always follow an order and since CS has helped me do things in an order, it will help me when I grow up.

Allison's animated Google logo

Allison, age 10

Ventura, CA

I like coding because I get to be creative and I can make my choices myself—ones that represent my personality.

Harini's animated Google logo

Harini, age 10

Fayetteville, NC

I want to be a fashion designer and am excited to use computer science to make my own website and design my own clothes.

Emmet's animated Google logo

Emmet, age 12

Redondo Beach, CA

I loved being able to use all the coding tools and creativity to do this project. And I got to make a Google logo! How cool is that?

Thomas' animated Google logo

Thomas, age 14

Albertville, AL

I like the logic and troubleshooting of coding. CS will be a big part of my future because I plan on being a game programmer or designer.

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CSEdWeek is an annual celebration dedicated to inspiring K-12 students to take interest in computer science. Originally conceived by Computing in the Core coalition, Code.org organizes CSEdWeek as a grassroots campaign supported by 350 partners and 100,000 educators worldwide.

Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. It is available for free at http://scratch.mit.edu.

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