Our intro courses give students a hands-on knowledge of programming languages and the ability to work with data to drive well-informed decisions.

Classroom time is dedicated to hands-on learning, with faculty-supported, collaborative project work. Students will also learn actively outside of class, with instruction and new concepts delivered remotely.

A lab from Applied Computing 101

Applied Computing 101

Foundations of Python Programming

This course introduces students to computer science using Python.

Skills emphasized:

  • Problem solving
  • Data analysis
  • Design, implementation, testing, analysis of algorithms and programs
  • Formulating problems
  • Thinking creatively about solutions
  • Expressing solutions clearly

Prerequisites: none

Applied Computing 201

How to Think Like a Data Scientist

This course introduces students to making informed, data-based decisions with machine learning in combination with tools such as spreadsheets, SQL, and Python.

Skills emphasized:

  • Problem solving
  • Data analysis
  • Usage of real-world datasets
  • Coding in SQL and Python
  • Application of Machine Learning algorithms
  • Presentation and discussion of datasets

Prerequisites: Applied Computing 101 or equivalent Intro to Computer Science

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the school selection criteria?

    We’d like to introduce AC 101 and 201 to students that haven’t previously had the opportunity to study Computer Science or Data Science. An ideal partner college or university would be one that does not currently have a CS program or whose CS program is at capacity and requires creative solutions to extend classes to more students.
  • We do not have a Computer Science professor to teach AC 101 or 201. Is that a problem?

    We have piloted this course in a number of schools with “STEM adjacent” (math, physics, etc) professors. If you have professors that are great teachers and are comfortable learning alongside their students, your school might be a good candidate for our program.
  • Will there be any cost to my college?

    Google will administer the course content and platform for free. Your school will be responsible for paying your faculty salary and their travel and lodging expenses for our faculty training, which takes place 2x per year — once in the summer and once in the winter — to prepare them to teach the course.
  • What is the application deadline and when will we be notified that we are approved for Fall ‘19?

    The application deadline is midnight local time on December 19, 2018. We will notify schools of our admission decision on January 30, 2019.
  • Can my college apply to host the machine learning intensive?

    Currently, we are only accepting applications to host our semester-long courses, AC 101 and AC 201 and hope to expand our list of Applied Machine Learning Intensive sites for the summer of 2020.

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